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IAQ 7000 Series by Fiberlock

IAQ 7000 White 5G

IAQ 7000 is a durable, flexible and moisture resistant penetrating coating for duct insulation that increases airflow while minimising dirt build-up in HVAC systems. IAQ 7000 contains a fungi-static agent to resist mould growth on the dry coating surface. Manufactured from premium acrylic resins, IAQ 7000 allows for optimal durability and flexibility and can be used in residential, commercial, or industrial facilities. IAQ 7000 is acceptable for use over faced or unfaced fibreglass duct liner insulation, unfaced fibreglass duct board insulation and can be used in unlined duct work. IAQ 7000 can also be used as a post-cleaning lock down of residual particulates such as, fibreglass, dust, and other inanimate material.


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