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HP Plus Ceiling and Wall Drying Package by Injectidry

The HP Plus Package is designed specifically for wall drying and ceiling drying using our patented Active Hoseline.

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  • Total System Airflow: 108 CFM (cubic feet per minute)
  • Static Pressure (maximum): 60” of water lift
  • Weight (blower unit only): 50 lbs
  • Air Injector Hole: 3/16” for wall & 1/4” for cabinet
  • Capacity: 110 linear feet as packaged
  • Power Draw (115V): 5.6A -11A (depending on load)
  • Drying Modes: Negatively or positively
  • Dimensions: 18” x 13” x 16.2” (with pipes)
  • Warranty: 7 YR-Housing, 3 YR-Blower, 1 YR-Parts Limited

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