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GuardianR HEPA Air Scrubbers by Phoenix

Restoration Express offers some of the best air scrubbers online Australia has to offer, such as the Phoenix GuardianR HEPA. This system brings maximum compactness and portability to Phoenix’s Guardian series of high performance HEPA air scrubbers. Featuring a durable, lightweight, and stackable roto-mold cabinet, the GuardianR is the most portable HEPA system on the market today.

Weighing just 15kg (33lbs.) and having a 56cm x 61cm (22″x24″) footprint, the GuardianR is over 30% lighter and over 7000 cm3 smaller than competitive units. The GuardianR features a powerful variable speed impeller with a maximum airflow over 825 m3/hr (485 CFM), while drawing only 1.2 amps – making it the perfect unit for remediation projects where space and power are at a premium. The GuardianR will filter the air in a typical 5m x 5m room (60 m3) in less than 5 minutes and perform 4 air changes per hour (ACH) on over 200 m3. The Guardian R can be operated horizontally where it’s large, duct opening maximizes the particle capture zone or vertically for space-saving negative air applications. The GuardianR’s detachable outlet duct ring makes attaching lay flat quick and simple.

The Guardian R features true HEPA performance with its 2-stage filtration design, utilizing a pleated pre-filter and a certified HEPA media filter with 30% more surface area than competitive units. This insures more air flow and longer HEPA filter life while removing virtually all hazardous particles from the air. Carbon and potassium permanganate filter options can also be added to absorb a wide range of odors and gases.

Optional Activated Carbon & Potassium Permanganate Filtration

Optional gas phase filters are available from Phoenix that use a blend of activated carbon and potassium permanganate. This blend removes the vast majority of contaminants encountered in most filtering applications. The activated carbon removes the heavier volatile organics while the potassium permanganate removes lower molecular weight contaminants. This is well suited to the smoke odours present after fire damage.

The life of the media blend depends upon both the hours used and the contamination level. Another advantage of the blended media versus activated carbon only is that part of the blend changes color as it loads up with contaminants.

It starts out black, then turns pink, then brown, and finally white. It is best changed when it passes the brown stage and begins to turn white because it has lost most of its effectiveness at that point. This allows the operator to check the media color through the inlet of the unit without removing the top.


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