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Focus Air Movers by Phoenix

The Phoenix 50Hz Axial Air Mover (AAM) is the industry’s only Air Mover specifically engineered with patented FOCUS™ Technology. When it comes to high quality Air Movers Online Australia wide, the Focus™ is just what you need. It revolutionised evaporative drying by producing effective air velocities over a larger area than competitive products. This highly focused air flow is directed towards the most difficult areas to dry namely, carpet and cushion, sub-floor, sill plate and walls. No other fan dries the sill plate as fast! Finally, the Phoenix 50Hz Axial Air Mover with FOCUS™ Technology sustains these air velocities further than any other 50Hz Axial Air Mover.

The Phoenix 50Hz Axial Air Mover includes a 2-speed motor delivering a focused airstream of approximately 4900 m3/hr. (2900 cfm), lightweight stackable enclosure designed to fit existing vehicle rigging, superior cord management and hour meter.

Conventional axial air movers create a circular air jet and the only way to get air into the square corner is to point the fan in the directionof the corner. This angle wastes valuable air velocity and effective distance. FOCUS™ Technology creates an air jet with a square corner, resulting in optimized drying ability. In addition, the 50Hz Axial Air Mover features built-in 4.5° positioning which increases the fan’s effective drying distance. The Phoenix 50Hz AAM is another example of superior performance and innovative design from Phoenix engineering.


  • 4900 m3/hr (2900 cfm) (High Speed)
  • Greater effective drying area than competitive products
  • Focused velocities 0 to over 7 meters
  • Directs air flow towards problematic corners, where the wall meets the floor
  • Capable of reducing secondary damage claims stemming from the side-effects of trapped humidity like fungi, mould, mildew or structural damage
  • Long-life 2-speed motor
  • Low noise, quiet operation



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