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D385 800
D385 800

D385 Dehumidifers by Phoenix

The Phoenix D385 provides the perfect combination of features and performance for the restoration professionals. Ingeniously designed to operate vertically or horizontally, the Phoenix D385 provides the wide operating range and ultra-low grains of a desiccant with the water removal capacity of the largest LGRs.

The D385 delivers 320 CFM (544 m3/hr) of ultra-low grain process air. The true four hole configuration allows the Phoenix D385 to be located in the affected area with the 60 CFM (102 m3/hr) re-activation air stream isolated from the drying chamber. The D385’s four hole design allows the restoration contractor to set-up for effective positive, neutral or negative pressure operation.

All the power to the unit is provided by two 230 volt grounded power cords. Simply plug the cords into separate 10 amp outlets. Each cord draws only 5.5 amps to power the D385.


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