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In today’s world, water damage restoration is not just about drying carpets. It’s also about drying the structure. For this quality tools and equipment are needed. Here at Restoration Express we offer a growing range of products from a number of world leaders in restoration equipment.

Disasters can happen and are an uncontrollable facet of life. These unforeseen circumstances can hit any individual and any type of building or home. It could be a church, school, apartment building or a regular house. Fires, floods and odorous smells can ruin a structure and it is the restoration process that provides the solution. Due to the significance of these situations, it is of paramount importance to use professional and top grade restoration equipment.

A structure can come under undue pressure from fire damage, water damage (leakages), mould build up and/or unwarranted odours. The restoration process helps eradicate and provide protection against future damages coming about.

Restoration Express has a professional line of restoration equipment available. Some of the brands provided include – Delmhorst, Injectidry, Dry Air Technology, International Ozone, Phoenix, Vaportek, and Tramex. All of these products are listed as top-grade brands and are verified to deliver the solutions required. These brands have the support of Restoration Express in terms of quality and results.

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